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How to order

After you have entered the website with your email address and password, click on "Co-ops". Select the ordering sheet you desire by clicking on that option.

Scroll down the list of items which are all separated into categories. You can either scroll by pulling the scroll bar down or up on the right side of the screen; or you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse. I suggest that you first go down the entire list placing your quantity marks in the blue boxes. When you have finished with the entire list, then either on the top or the bottom of the report, click on "save". At that point it will give you a total for each category you've ordered in, as well as your grand total at the bottom of the list. You may go back and change any quantity if you need to adjust your total spending. The changes will show only when "save" is clicked again.

If you need to send me a note or have a question concerning your order, please type your thoughts into the blank "notes" box at the top of the list. I will respond to you via email when I receive this.

Make sure you click on "save" again before leaving the website. Click on "Logout" when you're done with your order.

If you notice that the co-op list is marked as "closed", you will be able to access the list to see your order, but you can no longer make changes or additions to your invoice. If necessary, send me a separate email to alert me of any conflicts.

If you ever need to change your email address, enter the website with your old email address and password. Then click on "My Account". It will bring up your information and you can then change your email address and/or password. When finished, click on "save". Please send me an email letting me know that you have changed your email address and what it is now.

If you have preordered any items in the store, please check the box on the wall by the cash register just as you enter the store. You will find your invoice there, alphabetized by first name and then you can begin pulling your order. Please remember if you find additional items in the store that you need but didn't preorder, you may add to your order and purchase whatever you need.

We look forward to seeing you in the store!

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